You are magnificent!

The world outside, stark, at war, unloving, in a dispute over who has more, who feels less, who is in charge more. And you, smiling like a fool, insisting on a love that is not yours. Between a tear and a smile, a bar of chocolate and bitter coffee with lots of coffeine, you are … Continue reading You are magnificent!

25 obscure word for different feelings that are worth knowing

Some of the obscure words for different feelings that we may experience at one point or the other😐So what are you feeling today like?Art by @yaoyaomva @peijinsart

Happy or Sad ?

How do you take each day matters a lot!Do you believe that each coming day is a gift that you get to enjoy and make the most of OR do you consider that each day that passed is a loss from the life you get to live? There's always a meaning as to why something … Continue reading Happy or Sad ?

Zodiac Signs and How they Apologize

Check out this post to see how the zodiac signs apologize.A perfect apology is one where you or the other understand their fault, beg forgiveness, and work on making things right..Things only happen when we want them to or don't want them to.

Internal demons!

All of us have a demon within! It will shout at you to do the things you don't want to do, it will tell you lies dressed as the truth, it will tell you to trust the people who shouldn't be trusted, it will tell you to be sad when all you need to do … Continue reading Internal demons!

Zodiac Signs and Dreams: What do they mean?

Dreams are unique personal experiences as the chance of two people getting the 100% same dream is almost negligible.There are a lot many scientific definitions, but let's not get into them and discard dreams as a plaything of the subconscious.I hope this was worth the read and helps a little.

Flaws are beautiful!

We are all flawed. Our flaws make us who were are today and what we are yet to become. What you think of as a flaw might be the reason someone falls in love with you in the first place. Don't hide your true self or the other may never find what makes you unique, … Continue reading Flaws are beautiful!

Zodiac Signs in ANGER and how to DEAL with them

Anger is seen as a negative or bad emotion, one that is to be suppressed or controlled. But, a lot of times, it can also be seen as an appropriate response to injustice. We can’t help but lose our cool every once in a while. Anger can get the best of us if we don’t … Continue reading Zodiac Signs in ANGER and how to DEAL with them