Right from the Start…She Stole his Heart

I would never want the one reading this right now, calling me a liar by extrapolating my first book in here. But, I can surely write a bit about the backstory. Not the one of how the story came into being, but about the transition from a nobody to a national bestseller.

Sorry for not writing a detailed process in here (2 years is a long time and I don’t have the skills to sum it up in a single post), but let’s just say a quick go through.

After getting rejected everywhere, no matter to which publisher we sent it. (I am not talking about vanity publishers that charge a hefty sum) we finally decided to launch it as a ebook- Accidentally Cupid on Amazon somewhere in April 2016. Well, there was nothing to lose.

Going fast forward now.

It soon gained momentum and reviews started coming in, not all the long ones but someone loving the story and some picking out faults.

It was as if we were focusing on each review in minute detail and improving the book on the go. We finally decided to go for the first print run, some 4 months after that and getting it to Amazon’s warehouse and select bookstores.

Yep, It turned into a success somewhere… (we weren’t gaining anything financially but we were winning the hearts of some of the readers).

Messages came pouring in where in people told me to get on Instagram and stuff. (Insta for me before was just a photo uploading website where in idiots post pic to get likes…lol).

We got a deal from Fingerprint somewhere in May 2017 and they re-published it in August 2018.

Clicking on the new title of this book below, you can reach it on Amazon.

FYI- Based on real life story and characters with no fantasy attached.

Right from the Start…She Stole his Heart

6 thoughts on “Right from the Start…She Stole his Heart

  1. It was fun reading this but can you please conclude the story of Sameer and Radhika with a part-2. I just read this novel and am very curious to know like what happened to him? Where did he go?
    Please reply and please bring part 2.

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