We are our favorite place!

Deep down, we all know this very well. The number of likes, followers, or comments, does not matter, in the end, what matters is that we are enough. Life is a continued experience and can't be judged with numbers of figures.Don't let immaterial things affect you. Keep on creating stuff that may help someone or … Continue reading We are our favorite place!

Is it Love or Attachment?

Aa humans, we easily attach ourselves to people, objects, and things.Attachment is co-dependent, and it makes a lot of demands. It is the need for someone to fill a void in our lives, and when they are not there, we feel lonely. Sometimes, even trying to change the other to work with us.Love, on the … Continue reading Is it Love or Attachment?

Don’t love someone in a hurry!

Reaching the heart of someone is not easy.There's a reason why the heart is hidden behind the ribs, the muscles, and the skin.Well, the other organs are too, but who reaches them.You won't go ahead and say; I will reach his/her liver or lungs or kidney or stomach... unless you are a doctor.Good things take … Continue reading Don’t love someone in a hurry!

Hating is so easy!

How easy it is for us or the other to look at someone, their actions, and make baseless assumptions..We are all battling our inner demons.Why develop an opinion about people who you know nothing about?Why not give them the benefit of the doubt?.It's funny how the people who know nothing about you have the most … Continue reading Hating is so easy!

Why you need to believe in yourself now?

We often lack self-belief during the times when we need it the most, allowing doubt and insecurities to make us believe that it is not our cup of tea or we don't have the required resources.Don't let past mistakes or decisions influence current and upcoming opportunities.Also, don't let the others dictate your life terms or … Continue reading Why you need to believe in yourself now?

Males and Females of the Zodiac

If you thought two people of the same sign were similar, you are probably wrong.This post will help you know people more closely and find out that males and females of the same zodiac do have subtle differences.The anime characters are just for reference whose qualities do match a bit to the signs❣️

A Good Feeling or Love

While one may be having a good time, the other may fall in love too deep.Luckily, you can't force the other to love you. You can only give them good reasons to stay.I don't know if people do this, "I am going to fall in love with him/her. Yes! This is what I am going … Continue reading A Good Feeling or Love