Whispers of Hate : A True Horror Story

Whispers of Hate

Thank you for reaching this book’s page. There is always a hidden reason as to why we are attracted to certain things or if not an attraction, strange things do happen sometimes. While this may look a normal book from the outside, within is a story more true and real than the events that generally transpire around us. Well, you don’t have to believe me now, you can give it a read and then get back at me.

Here’s a person, just like you and me (Well! Ignore the gender). He was living a normal peaceful life with a complete family- brother, sister, parents, wife, and two beautiful kids.

Nothing really has to go wrong in his life if he was true to himself and to the ones around him. Yet something bad happened!

Day by day weird events started to take place around him. We generally ignore such events partially due to the reason that they don’t affect us or maybe our definition of weird is different from what is happening. It is up to us to ignore the little effects, but there are some people who always have a knack of getting in issues and finding the root cause of them. Such was the case with Rameshwar, the protagonist.

There are so many questions which bug us in life, sometimes we are able to find the answers, sometimes not. While you go on and read the story, I want you to find the answers and not me telling them to you. Well! What’s a story if you can’t enter into it and make your own assumptions and judgments.

While you may find a few words here and there, I have tried to not get into the nitty-gritty of complicated vocabulary because this is a story where there is much more at stake than you can think of now. You will only realize it once you give it a read.

Experience themes of confusion, anxiety, helplessness, pain, anger, hurt, humour, dilemma, and much more…

Now that you have read all that I have written above, you can go to the book’s blurb-

Do you believe in the otherworldly?
Do you believe dreams are not just dreams but something else?
Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

The year is 1972. In a remote village, people are dying mysteriously. Something changed when Rameshwar visited the old abandoned house. The history of the old abandoned house is complicated. Something bad happened in there but no one knows what. Constant recurring dreams lead to sleepless nights.

Do they mean something?

A black shadow is changing shape and tormenting him.

Is it for real? What is it? What does it want?

Nothing feels right to him. Can he tell his wife the truth?

He was tired of losing things, so he decided to learn, just in case, how one went about getting rid of a ghost. But someone or something doesn’t want him to.

Is there no solution to the situation he is facing?

Read to find out more and then tell me what would you have done if placed in his shoes.

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