What to do when you have a Soft Heart?

People go around every day, why not the heart?

“When a person is punished for their honesty they begin to learn to lie.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Maybe the heart is just like this. When you truly love someone and they hurt you, you stop loving anyone else.

Maybe it’s better to wear a mask and pretend that you don’t have a heart than to get it broken again.

Maybe having a soft heart is not a crime, but a blessing. Let them hurt you, the more they hurt you, the more you grow and get strong. Living is a challenge and that’s what we are here for, aren’t we?

Falling in love is easy, but being true to that love is only something that a few do.

Most of the time, you are hurt by someone you like so much that you want to send hurtful message to them, and on reaching the 99% anger state, instead of sending the message and hurting them for not having the same feelings for you, you need to stop. You can’t control someone. So, just let the message stay somewhere and go in a calm state of mind.

How do you achieve it?

Do something else that interests you or read astrology articles, social media posts, tiktok, maybe even write something or anything else.

These moments are something that makes you understand yourself more and understand the other person more.

You can’t force someone to love you or message you.

Why does someone leave you without a blue tick on WhatsApp or anywhere else is not understandable?

Maybe they are trying to ignore you, maybe they don’t like you, maybe they don’t care about you at all, maybe they are trying to hurt you or maybe they are just like this.

There are a lot many other possibilities and anger just shows us one side of the situation. It is only when we are ready to move one step ahead or take one step back that we can truly understand the situation.

Having a soft heart makes you hate yourself more, but having a soft heart is a blessing in disguise. Fate has given you an opportunity to grow your soul into something more than anyone else. You don’t grow up without falling, without hard challenges. Anyone can walk a straight path, but it is very hard to climb up a mountain. So, not everyone can do it.

Be happy for having a soft heart, be happy that you were heartbroken, be happy that if you loved someone that much and they still hurt you, you would get someone who would love you more than you loved them. That’s how it works. You give more than your 100% to something and the universe knows it, you may not get the return back through that thing but through something else. Have faith in being good. Anyone can be evil but being good in a fake world takes patience and hard work.

Just learn one thing, if you love someone again, don’t leave them. Continue loving them on your own without any bad thoughts up to the moment they completely ignore you or block you.

It’s as simple as that.

If it is the other way round, and you don’t love someone but they tell you or it seems like they love you, just block them, it’s better this way. There is no option to be friends with someone like that because one of you is still going to hurt. Feelings don’t die, we just pretend that they did.

What you need to do is find the true ones among the fakes. Not everyone wants to use your weaknesses to their advantage. Take time with people, even if you love them so much. Being blind in love is not something good.

If someone tells you not to help anyone else just because it wouldn’t help you, say them NO. It’s your life, your decisions. You are how you are and you already know what kind of a person you are, so changing yourself for someone or something just because it would return something back is a bad thing to think of. Have your priorities straight and if you can spare some time to help someone, do that. Why? Because your karma is in your own hands, not in someone else’s. You decide how you want to make it grow.

Lying to your soul, to yourself, again and again, is something that is going to eat you from within. Be true and let it grow through all the challenges.
Just take time to trust people with your heart, but do you know who to trust or who not to?
One simple solution to that is to question everything. Never let the curiosity stop, that’s what is going to help you. Ask questions or just try to analyze and understand from the sidelines. When a situation or a person hurts you, go deep within yourself, think what exactly is happening, what you really want and ask for guidance from within and not from some third party.

If you still don’t get it, believe me, you will get it soon. Have patience.

As humans, we deserve to be loved and accompanied by someone. Yes, you can live your life alone, but isn’t it wonderful sharing your good and bad days with someone, helping them grow and getting help in the journey.
So, be faithful to your decisions because happiness is not always found in bright days, it is found after the darkest of days when we decide to turn on the light within.

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