Matters of the Heart

In matters of love, most of us are just too immature.

Maybe, we just spend way too much time thinking of someone and hoping it would turn out good.

We think we probably know them enough when we don’t.

We hope that for how much we love them, they will at least love us back.

Maybe all this is one big-fat lie that we tell ourselves.

How can we expect someone to love us back when they don’t even know how much and why do we love them?

But, would telling about it to them help us?

I don’t think it would. What if, they doesn’t believe us?

What if they aren’t ready for it?

What if, it is just too much?

Yes, people marry. That is the endpoint of searching for a lover and the beginning point of a new sharing experience.

But what happens between the love phase and the marriage phase?

Or what happens when the other person treats you as a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend? And what exactly do they do?

What happens when you are in a relationship?

Well, we just want someone who listens to us, don’t judge us and gives their feedback. Someone who still loves us for all the mess we make in your life daily. Someone who would always be there for us.

Liking someone is good. We like a lot of people.

Having a crush on someone is still ok.

But talking to them destroys everything.

Maybe at one point, we start loving them instead of just liking them.

What to do now?

What if they don’t like us anymore?

What if we finally get enough courage to tell them that we love them and instead of blocking us, they don’t say anything?

What if they say that they love us back?

Yes, this is scary but something good. But sometimes it feels that it is going way too fast and you just don’t know what to do.

But then what?

Do we talk to them as normal or do we start talking more with them?

Do we start discussing more of our life with them, sharing more details with them or what else?
What if it feels like the other person is lying, what to do then?

Maybe LOVE is a topic that we just can’t understand and we just need to trust our gut feeling.

There is no other way out.

As human beings, we want to love and be loved. We are just too selfish as we want some love back too.

I just don’t know why the other person doesn’t understand what we feel?

Yes! There may be other people who love us deeply too, but honestly speaking we can’t love the whole world. Only a few people can be loved.

Getting married is easy. But, when do two people decide that they want to get married?

What if we feel that we can marry this person, but there is this doubt that we need to reach a certain point to be able to accommodate them in our life?

What if they doesn’t want to marry us?

Well! This question is very important.

People dive too deep into love without thinking that this world runs on money too and not just solely on love.

There are moments when the other person hurt us so badly that we just want to listen to our head and forget them completely, remove them from our daily thoughts. And at the deciding moment, when we finally do this, our dreams doesn’t let us. We fell in love more with them again. What is this dilemma, what can we do to not feel so much?

Yes, feeling so much is bad. Your mind is constantly thinking about them and you just don’t know what to do? How to get back to the old you, because change is scary. No one loves a change that is externally brought about.

We only love a change that we decide we want to get.

Most of the things doesn’t happen as we want them to be. But why?

We are broken after our first heartbreak, but what if we fall in love again even if we made our mind before not to be in the trap again? How many times can we fall like this and finally find the one we desire? One thing for sure is that it hurt so much that we even can’t express it in words and we wouldn’t fall in love the third time. 

What if your parents doesn’t allow you to marry another person?

Well! If you have all your priorities set, the real priorities set, your parents would definitely understand you. They have to or else you need to make them understand. There should be no other way out. Also, anger doesn’t solve anything. It’s not the 1980 or before. We need to rise up and not be dependent on our parents. Let them enjoy their money for themselves. Maybe they have just forgotten how to dream. Make them dream. Make them enjoy life.

One important thing to note for everyone is that if you are still friends with someone whom you liked and it ended in heartbreak, it really means you still haven’t let them go. You can’t grow up if you don’t forget them completely. If you don’t want to do this, it means that you still love them. There’s no other reason.

Sorry for taking up your precious time and leaving the matter in one question after another. Well, I don’t know the answers to most of them. I am just as puzzled as anyone else. If you know any of the answers, do leave a comment. It wouldn’t hurt to leave one.

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