Do You Love Yourself?

How much do you know yourself? Do you really know yourself? What kind of a person are you?

Maybe you have been listening to society so much that you have forgotten who you are?

Let’s break it down.

Honestly speaking, if you really know yourself, inside and out, you should love yourself as you are. If you don’t love yourself enough, how can you hope to love someone else?

Yes, we are all imperfect. Being perfect means as good as GOD. But we can be perfect in a few things, we can be perfect in the eyes of another, who may think we have got everything that they didn’t.

Your world may not be going as you want it to be, but if you truly believe in yourself and in the fact that if anyone can do it, you can. You can do anything.

Yes, you should aim for perfection as some would say, but what’s more important is understanding life, making your soul grow up. If your soul doesn’t grow as much as you are growing physically, then what’s the point?

You are not doing anything.

Life’s way of sending in challenges in your path isn’t’ to hurt you or make you feel bad, it’s to see your soul grow because that’s the main point. We are all here in this world so that we can grow.

Yes, we are selfish, we have to be sometimes to grow ourselves. Most of the time, we are loving or hating someone else, making them grow, but if we don’t know ourselves, what is there to love and hate in us, we really can’t grow.

So, don’t aim for perfection, aim for being a better version of yourself, aim for a much bigger and better understanding.

Don’t try to remain a fool, looking at life from only one angle. There are an infinite number of dimensions, a lot is out there that you just don’t know and in this one life, you can’t get all the knowledge there is, so that’s why you die and grow up and die and grow up again. Your soul is under a constant cycle to learn and reach the level to transcend everything and get back to the source.

Don’t belittle yourself if you are not yet ready to grow yourself. Just blaming and doing nothing is lazy work. Blame yourself only when you are ready to improve yourself.

The more, the bigger you fall, the higher you grow.

Have you seen someone grow when they are constantly running on a straight path?

No, you don’t.

You increase your pace, you burn more stamina, you grow.

You climb Everest or any other height, you overwork yourself, you grow.

You fall down a cliff and but still somehow stand up, you grow.

Growing up is not easy but it’s not difficult.

Let’s speak about relationship.

You loved the other person so much but still, it didn’t end into anything.


The simple reason is that you were so in love with the thought of being with them that you forgot there was you there.

You forgot the purpose of why you are in this world.

You forget that what if one day they die or leave you, what would you do then?

Do you have a plan set in motion or an idea?

No! You didn’t.

We don’t think about such things because we put a veil over our minds when in love, which we shouldn’t.


Because most of the time, we are looking at outer beauty, most of the time we are looking at someone in terms of money, possessions, ease of living. We are looking at similar people, we are looking at astrological compatibility, we are looking at easy-going, we are looking at someone who doesn’t understand what real life is.

There is nothing good enough for someone because no matter what you do, they may still won’t like you. Because they are not grown enough like you. You need someone who looks at life in the same way as you, yet someone who is doing it differently.

You need someone who grows up with you, who wants to help you grow.
Yes, love is required, a certain kind of attraction is required, but a complex life full of challenges makes you grow, easy life never does.

No one is born a beggar. It’s the choice whether to beg or to do something else. And even if you are born one, what are you doing to change your situation matters.

One simple reasoning is you deserve more. Look at yourself from another person’s perspective who hardly knows you. What do they look at? How do they feel about you?

Ask yourself this question.

Sometimes you may ask yourself a question- Why don’t I have the perfect face shape, why is there a mole on my face making me look bad, why am I so short in height, why am I fat, why am I so slim, etc.

Everyone hates something about themselves. Get out of it.

You got what you were given, so change what you can, if you can and want to.
But do you know what really matters?

It is the size of your heart. Not physically but emotionally.

With time, you can easily forgive someone else, but do you ever forgive yourself for making the mistakes that you made?

What I want to tell you is that they were not mistakes, they were learning points. It was not in your hands why something happened the way it did, but what you can do is take it positively instead of negatively and grow up. Yes, just grow up.

Let me give a very short example of mine. I loved a girl before high school and there was this feeling that I wanted to marry her. Yes, a child of 12 years was thinking of marriage. But I knew that I wasn’t anyone worthwhile. I studied and had an aim that once I did this, I would tell her that I like her. But as you know there’s never a right time for anything. I did reach my aim because that was my dedication towards the feeling but I didn’t try to know her enough or at all.

Yes! It led to rejection.

Yes! I laughed at myself.

Yes! I was hurt badly.

No! I never tried to contact her or explain what it was.

Yes! I forgot her completely.

No! It wasn’t easy. I laughed at myself. Instead of waiting patiently for more time, I listened to my friend and told her that I liked her when my heart was continuously telling me to wait and I ended up badly.

No! I don’t hate my friend, I don’t hate her and I don’t hate myself.

Why? Because I was wrong. I didn’t know what her priorities were, so I may have hurt her too.

But I grew up after this.

Yes, I am now confident that I won’t make the same mistake again and even if I do, I would take a lesson from it and grow up more.

I don’t believe in the master of one concept, I believe in the jack of all trades. Doing this won’t make you much money, but at least you will find out what really interests you.

Forgetting someone when you are busy is not hard. Forgetting them when you are free is. Because then your mind is constantly thinking about them and the mistakes you made.
Well, you didn’t make any mistakes, you just weren’t prepared enough, you just didn’t think a few years ahead, both from the end of you and her.
You thought of your happiness only and not of hers.

For me, I am always playing with my life, doing the unconventional. Playing with it, getting faced with challenges after challenges, that’s how I grow.
It’s not that I don’t hate myself, I do and a lot, but I am changing and hope to change more. I hope that you change too, not a change that someone else wants from you, but one that you want.

After reading this, at least question yourself what exactly is it that you want to do and just go for it.
Loving someone is your choice, making or forcing someone to love you is not. We are worthy of love, we all are and if you have faith in yourself and do what is right, you will get what is booked for you.

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