Signs of Reincarnation

You have some kind of a birthmark on or anywhere on your body. (Discolouration of the skin, any patch which has been there since the time you were born and has hardly changed shape.)

Sometimes you may get totally unrelated memories as if knowing someplace, something or someone.

Deja-vu moments, frustrating experiences, indications, hearing strange sounds, when you just can’t explain what is happening.

Recurring nightmares as dreams generally include people you know, but what if unknown people appear in your dreams, sometimes, not seeing people’s faces is a possibility too. Most of the dreams you get are generally forgotten but there are some dreams you just remember or recall them again. 

Phobias and fear about something, something that makes you uncomfortable like water, fire, etc.

Unexplained pain that you feel sometimes, somewhere.

If you feel older than your actual age.

Yes, the whole concept of reincarnation is puzzling and research is still going on, but you just can’t reject any possibility. An open mind is needed to solve the mysteries of the world. Don’t think that what you see or believe that only is true. You just don’t know enough.

There are many more phenomenons and indications and this is just a starting point. 

Share your experiences in the comments below…

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