Are you going through a spiritual awakening?

Somehow, somewhere within you feels different. 

How it may have happened? Did you go through a really bad phase? Lost your job, someone in your family close to you, your lover moving away from you, you making up your mind to do or not do something or just fate? 

There is this feeling that you are no longer the before you. 

You are sad but still, happiness is around you, filling you up slowly. But it is scary, your comfort zone is no longer what it once was. you are overworking, but still not stressed. Why is that? 

You realize all the bad habits in you and don’t want them anymore. There is this feeling of hope that you can do anything. Even though you may not be working like before, you believe the results would be good.

Not just you, you now want to make the world a better place. 

You don’t understand how it is possible to hurt people anymore.

You feel more empathy for the animals. The same ones you were so scared of before.

You never want to be asleep again.

A lot of things that you did before, you no longer want to do them anymore.

You need some kind of meaning to your life now. 

Money doesn’t interest you that much anymore. Learning does.

Your intuition, emotions, imagination are growing more intense.

You are tired of wearing the mask of what society wants from you. 

You want to take care of your body more than anyone. 

You may have lost interest in being right in order to avoid any conflict.

You are starting to stop judging people.

You now want to love more, but receiving love back is not what you desire.

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