What it feels like when you find or meet your soulmate?

Is it a deeper soul connection or just my imagination?

You lose interest in deeply talking with anyone else.

You want to talk to them and know them more, but you know they have work to do.

You don’t consider even a single moment wasted with them. But then you think maybe it has a detrimental effect on your priorities and on their priorities. You think it’s not the right time.

You feel there’s a depth, respect, happiness and that it is growing into something unexplainable. Is it love? But you haven’t even met her/him.

You know they don’t want to change you, but somewhere things are happening that are making you change. You regret this change, but somehow love it too.

You begin to factor them into your happiness. Not seeing them like even if it’s only on social media, sometimes it makes you sad.

You start to push yourself to become a better you. After that person came into your life, something sparked inside you and got you a renewed motivation.

You don’t know how to talk to them, sometimes unable to find the right words.

You start thinking about the next thing to happen and maybe you are scared now a lot more.

You want to share every experience or event with them, but somehow hold onto it, the question in your mind, “What if she/he hates me for this? Maybe they don’t have time for this.”

You know, both of you and everyone else have physical imperfections, but with them, it doesn’t matter at all. No matter what. You love something about them that is beyond physical.

You just know it. The feeling within that they are the one, but the thoughts are taking up your mind too much. You need to kill them all and not think too much. This is just not the right time, but somewhere deep within, you still want to give it a go.

You don’t know how but you feel it. Somehow they are different.

You know you don’t trust people so easily. Why is it that you can trust them more than anyone else, so much so without even knowing them? What is wrong with you? How can you trust someone unknown?

You remember her/him come into your life accidentally and still staying on. Why don’t they leave you even when you hurt them? Just what do they want?

You ignore them, they ignore you, but somehow the silence is more explaining than words.

Your mind portrays them as perfect individuals when you think of her/him. Why doesn’t the heart believe they aren’t and find someone else?

You met them when your life was in disarray. Somehow love is messy and you are messy. Maybe you are trying to look at your problems when love is right in front of you.

You want love, too, but there is this feeling that you are not ready for it.

You feel what they feel sometimes, even if you aren’t naturally that empathetic.

You start to do the part of you that you want to ignore. She/He makes you crazy at times and you hate that part of you.

You want to know whether they are okay or not, but you know giving them time alone is more important.

You sometimes get this uneasy feeling, that something is wrong or going to be wrong. It’s like they are having an exam and you get this gut feeling that they are not going to do well. But can they tell them it’s going to be bad before they even give it? NO! 

You don’t pretend to be stronger or less emotional, they just accept you as you are and you somehow feel safe with them.

You respect each other and can tell them anything and everything, unlike anyone else. Sometimes, you can finish each other’s sentences in your mind, but still, don’t know everything that is going on inside their mind. There is a chance of great communication, but you don’t know how to do that.

You feel an instant link or bond. There is this feeling that you somehow know them from before.

You both are complete on your own. You know they are complete and there is nothing you need to change in them.

You question yourself why? Just when you try to make up your mind to ignore them or forget them, something strange happens and you just can’t. No matter what.

You don’t understand why you are the only one experiencing this? Why doesn’t she/he experiences the same thing as you? Why does it only happen to you? Is something wrong? Were you in her/ his place in your previous birth and now you need to do your part which you didn’t do in the previous birth but they did it.

You know you can show your true self to them. They understand more than you say. They somehow interpret your emotions and know what you are saying even if the words mean something else.

You know she/he doesn’t always make you feel joyful and euphoric. Most of the time, they make you feel bad and hurt. Maybe because you still don’t understand them right now.

You and they both bring out the good and bad qualities of each other. A personality that you deny or would prefer to remain unaware of. It’s like a prescription for disaster, but something that would lead to greatness.

You somehow feel and share a deep and strong spiritual connection. Maybe she/he came to remind you of your soul’s main goal and help to awaken the real you.

You may discover new talents or gifts. Her/Him coming into your life turned it upside down and triggered an awakening process.

You may have different personalities, likes or interests on the surface, but how you view life is the same, your soul purpose is the same or in sync. There is this gut feeling like the universe is playing some plot. Days of hate and love keep on alternating irregularly and sometimes you may be so scared as to what is going on.

You know being far away from them is not tough. 

You may recognize the persona of a close family member in them, like your father, mother, sibling, cousin, anyone else or maybe not.

You want to believe in your intuition and your wisdom, can you?

You know that sometimes there is too much to handle and decipher, that you end up misjudging them. Sometimes the conversation is too intense and awkward to absorb immediately, that you move away or ignore them for a while, but you find your way back through or they do that or the both of you do that.

You may not be saying the things you may be feeling, but it is there. Does she/he in the distinct past had the same feelings for you and now one of you need to work on it more, the same work the other did in your previous life? But why is everything so scary? Why is this happening, even?

You get these weird, cryptic dreams about them just when you make up your mind to get away from them.

Your worst self appears to them and them only, sometimes raising questions. But their eyes are somewhat different. You feel like they are always saying something. That there has been pain in them from a time before. That, just looking into them, even pictorially could explain their life.

Finding your soulmate or already knowing who they are is a way bigger problem because you aren’t ready for that kind of deep, soul seeing love.

Maybe it’s not about finding a soulmate at all, but someone who challenges us, who balances what we try to stay away from, who holds us accountable for our actions and fights with us and grows with us together.

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