Picture Memory

How many of you remember seeing your old pictures from a time of no digital cameras?

Taking pictures was not that easy.
But your parents still loved you that much to make it worth a memory to remember and also because so you never regret not remembering what you looked like.
No matter how good or bad the old picture is, we still laugh at seeing it. That’s the beauty.

So, now let me ask you this?
How many of you do the same for them, now that they are old? They are not making your pictures miserable, are they?

I am not asking you to post them somewhere or take one every minute, just make them feel loved too once in a while.

As people get older, they tend to forget things. It happens to everyone. So, give them a bit of your time.

You don’t remember how hard it has been to give birth to you, to bring you out into a harsh world and care for you like none other. So care for them too.

Don’t forget them.

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