Lesson of the soul

Some will stay and some will go away.

There are some who are testing you everyday, to judge who you are and what you want.

Then there are some who are waiting patiently for good to happen, for fate to rewards them for being true to themselves and to others.

And then there are the bad people. Those who just have a different faith. They believe in the devil acts more than they believe in the good ones. They have forgotten that there is something called a soul and they too would leave their physical body, wake up from this dream and answers for all their acts to some bigger power.
They just don’t realize it now.
Physical possessions, fame and money are one thing, but you don’t carry it with you.

Love is something that touches your soul, the lessons learned mark it.

When you die, you don’t carry your brain, you carry your soul and that doesn’t hold your learning of the books.

Grow beyond, try to be a better soul, don’t follow fake propaganda’s. Money is required to support you in this dream world, but you will leave it behind. So, don’t run after it endlessly. I am not saying to not pursue it. It’s a means to live, to buy good things, your dreams, do that. But don’t earn money that leaves a mark on someone’s heart. Don’t earn money, which is tainted by the blood of others. Money that makes you lose who you are.

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