It’s easier for us to push people away when we are feeling hurt.

During a bad phase of life, we feel lost and hopeless. We believe that it is easier to not be in love or show feelings, to lie to ourselves. Due to this, we end up alone, whether we want to or not.

Yes! We are all afraid of being hurt, who wouldn’t.

Who would want to love someone knowing that or feeling that it would end in a disaster, in a failure, in a situation when the other person would cheat on you.
But help is necessary sometimes.

Pushing people away is not the solution.

Don’t allow your lies to isolate you from what’s good.

We miss out on love and on having someone special we can count on. Someone who is willing to give us their time and help us grow.
Have you ever asked the other person what do they really want?

If you didn’t, then without fear just go and ask them.
Why do you forget that the other person is just as scared of being hurt as you are?

Yes! You can have a good life being single. But what if there is someone who loves you and shares with you every moment of their life, someone who is willing to cast-off the world just so they can be with you?

If you find such a miserable person, cut-them off from your life. Because that’s what your mind would tell you to do. So, do you really want to do this?

Why are you so scared of rejection? Isn’t it an opportunity to grow? And what’s best when you are miles apart? When it’s only words and feelings that are in between and nothing else.
Know that everyone deserves a bit of happiness. You are to be happy too.
Don’t stop your future or current happiness, just because you think it would not make you happy, but instead make your whole life for the worst.

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