It’s a form of one-sided relationship where you have feelings for someone but those feelings are not mutual. It can be thought of as half-love.

But what if it is mutual? Then, it’s love, right?

Having crushes makes us excitable and talkative. 

Like, we are not our usual self anymore. 

Your reflexes are heightened.

Just like working overtime.

Dating the wrong type of person and having your heart broken vs having a crush on someone and your heart still getting broken? 

Which one is much worse? 

Definitely the first one.

Your crush is the right person (the perfect person) for you because you idolize them and want them to be happy. 

But, ultimately you can’t control who you have a crush on, so you may as well be happy and have fun.

The main problem is when your crush finds out. And the rest is history.

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