Something on Parents

We get to know the importance of someone when that person or thing is not in our life on a daily basis.
A parent-less child yearns for parents not because he/she doesn’t have one but because he/she saw someone getting love from their parents.

That’s basically- knowledge. 

Had we never known what something was, we never would have yearned for it.

Wanting more and more is the thing that makes people do good or bad things. This want may be for family, love, money, status, fame, knowledge, possessions, home, etc. 

Or this may be just because you may have seen other people getting it and you want it too as it feels nice.

Well, this is just a human tendency and there is nothing wrong in it unless you hurt someone.
Parents are like a support force. Having them basically means you have an easy life to start with.

Though at times they may not be correct and we may not be correct at other times, because everyone has faults, right?
So, not having them isn’t as painful as having them and losing them at some point in your life.
Even if they are alive and stay away from work, it’s hurtful. 

Take two scenarios- of a father living away for work: 

Scenario 1-If you are living in a joint family, people may say you got it easy. But, just see deeply into the eyes of the kids or the mother and you would know, it’s not easy. 

It’s hard. It’s painful.

Scenario 2– If you are living in a nuclear family, people may say mixed views like they are enjoying alone time or maybe that it’s hard. The feelings in the ones alone are the same but life is a bit more difficult than scenario 1. Because now you are more alone than ever.
But when they come home once a month or maybe longer, the smile is just priceless. Happiness is like none other.

Ask this child whether they want their father to be with them or an awesome toy like none other and you would find the answer.
What these things teach us is to make us stronger.

Even if I go on saying that death is just a part of life, nothing to be scared of. Well, it’s not losing our life but the life of others, that’s scary.

Marry someone and make a pinky promise (so you remember it until eternity) to die on the same day.

How much fun would it be? 

But at one point you may have to break this promise and I pray no-one has to go through this. 

What if the other partner dies before the kids are self-sufficient? 

With the knife hanging in your heart, you have to keep on living for them knowing every day just how difficult this is.
Don’t hate your parents, well, you may hate some or all of your relatives.

But, that’s totally OK.

If you feel they are doing something wrong, try to tell it to them and make them understand.

If they still don’t, just listen to them and don’t talk back. 

Backtalk is a little different from normal talk. If you feel they are not understanding, leave them alone for some time to cool them off and then again discuss the issue.

If you don’t do as they want, it’s OK but if you make them think you don’t give them any value, it would hurt a lot. Because at some point, they start hoping to get some love from you, too.

Now, this may not be true for every parent or every child, it’s just one situation and not everyone goes through the same thing in life.

And forgive me for side-tracking sometimes as I include my own experiences and sometimes they turn to something else.

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