Text Talk vs In-Person Talk

In-Person talk is like the best thing. 

You know exactly what the other person is feeling, judging by their expressions and their eyes. 

Everyone, hopefully, wants to indulge in this kind of talk.

But then the whole definition changes when you are an introverted type of person. 

Sometimes, not an introvert but just too shy to talk to anyone.

Like there are a thousand words (okay or just some words) in your mind right now to speak to someone, but you are not able to speak up. 

The hesitation to speak is too much. 

Sometimes a thought appears in your head, that if I say this or do this, what the other person would think about me? 

But most of the time, it’s just that words don’t come out even if we want to or know what to talk about.

Someone would say you are not meant to lead, you don’t have any stand or even take you for granted. 

The society, the life conditions, your Astro chart, or something else is partially to blame for this.

It may have happened that at one point in your life you said something and was made fun of, even beaten up or maybe you saw someone go through a similar situation. 

And what some people like us do, never to talk or ask again. 

Just leave it. 

I am not gonna miss something or even if I miss it, it’s not gonna matter much.

But in reality, it matters a lot. 

You realize this when you turn into an adult or sometimes even into a teenager. You miss out on a lot of things- the doubt which never got cleared in school/coaching/college, the crush which never turned into a relationship or a rejection, the life which never progressed how you wanted it to be, a lot of things.

Rejection is an important part of this

You fear rejection, you fear those back laughs, you fear those cheap smirks, you fear those taunts, you fear those scolds, you fear those beatings and what not.

If you are like this and born before the noughties, don’t worry.

I am just like you. 

Even if you are born after that, but still feel the same, don’t go anywhere. 

I would never do anything bad like the above. 

I know what it is to go through this situation.

A lot of journals work out surveys on today’s generation, list out saying that smartphones and social media have a bad influence on you, but then, later on, are not able to give a definitive answer and end with saying a lot is to be studied, experimented and analyzed to arrive at an answer. 

With no conclusive answer, they leave the reader confused with the good and bad use. 

What the hell!!! 

How we make use of it matters, what we learn from it matters. 

How can you judge something as good or bad for someone else?

Social media is a blessing in disguise for some. 

Use it in a way that would make you improve yourself. 

What you really need to do is just use it, use it to interact with a new person. Just start with something, anything. A simple “Hi” is okay enough. 

At least, you now know how to start a text conversation. Send this to as many people as possible, and now at least some will reply back. 

Even if no one does, try sending it to more people. There are 7.7 billion people out there and you just stopped at a mere 100 something. 

There are a billion other possibilities. 

For once, you can always text me, just do it on Instagram as Facebook page algorithm is not good enough for messages and I keep on missing out messages in there.

Sometimes you may have felt that I should just let my crush know my feelings, but then is it love or is it a likeness towards someone, you really need to differentiate. 

Or is it lust?

You know the answer to that, deep down. 

Just try to contemplate. 

Emotions are complex. 

Love is complex too.

Get good at text messages.

The more you text, the more you know the next person, the better you get at being you, the real you.

Plus, you get these awesome smileys and gifs at your disposal that conveying your emotions is a bit easier now. 

Then maybe move on to phone calls -> video calls -> In-person meetup -> and then even I don’t know what may happen. 

I am still overcoming the text message stage.

Or just start somewhere, anywhere. 

Not everyone is bad. You just didn’t look at the whole world like GOD looks at you.

If you talk to any extrovert, they would say, it’s not a big deal. 

It’s a big deal, for us that is. 

But there are things you are good at, things they are good at, you just don’t know what it is.

Or start writing something. 

Though if you don’t love writing, then it seriously isn’t gonna help you get better at talking to someone.

Well, I would say telepathy is the best medium to speak. 

Just like how the Nordic’s or the Grey’s do. 

If you would like to hear my take on aliens, just let me know. 

I am a really big fan of this topic and would love to make a post on it. I don’t have my memory anything less than age 3. Maybe I was abducted by aliens and brainwashed or something like that. Who knows, I don’t remember anything.

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