Failure and Regret

What does it feel like to not get the thing you want? And, what if it was something that you give all your energy into and still, it was a NO?

Yes, it hurts like HELL. It’s like your lifelong best friend backstabbing you. 

Or maybe in the current generation, your girlfriend #metoo-ing you 😅 when you were really innocent.

Life plays it’s trick upon people and only some of them try to think differently.

If in college, failing in some subjects or finding out that all the hard work you put into getting into one, only lead you to more misery. 

How would it feel then? 

Is dropping out of college a good option?

Is even suicide the best option?

If you think that suicide can ever solve a problem, then you are wrong. 

It looks like you have been looking only up to yourself till now and the vast world and its people were never looked forward to. 

When people with only 10% of their body parts working or those who are missing some parts can behave like they can go through life, no matter what happens. Then, what the hell are you thinking!

All your life, you were taught in the wrong way. 

With parents focusing solely on grades, the schools focusing on how their school can perform better than the next school in the vicinity and society focusing on ” What’s did Sharmaji’s son or some other ji’s son do”; disappointment is bound to happen.

No one finds time to learn what you really want to do. 

Now, some may laugh at me thinking of what a small kid would know about life. 

We, the others, have years of experience and know what is right or wrong for you. 

At least, if every one of their decisions was influenced by none other he himself/she herself, they wouldn’t regret anything later on. 

Blaming yourself for your disappointments or failures is never bad. 

Not doing anything to overcome them is.

What is success? 

Let’s look at an example. 

I got a job in a top MNC with a double digit figure and my life is all set. 

Is it? So, a few years down the line, my boss calls me and tells me that it was productive working with you and now we have no more need of you. 

Getting speechless! 

Yes, this would hurt really badly. 

Like, what was I doing here? 

All my hard work till now put off with a single “NO”. 

What am I going to do now? 

Well, I can try for other companies, can’t I? 

Yes, you can. 

So, what if after some 6-12 months, no new job offer, no nothing. 

Maybe there’s something wrong with me? Nobody wants me. Even my parents and relatives are treating me like I am burning off their hard-earned money in jerking off.

This is how life works. It takes you to the bottom and then brings you up. 

The depth of the misery it takes you to directly correlate with the height it’s going to make you rise up.

Had someone in your life or in your surroundings made you understand how really GOD or life or nature works, you wouldn’t have regretted living each moment. 

Instead, you would have taken it as a new adventure, a new challenge. 

Isn’t sitting 24*7 on your bed for days, months or even years gonna lead you to the point of boredom. 

Entertainment has its limits, but the human mind doesn’t.

Just believe in the fact that if someone brings you down, there is someone else who is meant to bring you up

That someone may be solely even you yourself. 

All you need to do is concentrate on which path to follow and work towards it.

Now, someone would say- I did all that and now see where life has brought me, NOWHERE!!!

It looks like you didn’t understand my point. 

It’s not like you can find the correct life path in one GO. 

If someone found it in one go, then either they were too lucky or they simply weren’t meant to do great things. 

Not everyone can be remembered by the next generation, some of us are meant to be left behind.

Never regret! Never ever! Laugh from your mistakes. Laugh at your decisions and continue forward. 

They were meant to teach you something. Learn from them. Work out your brain to look into your past and find all the moments- Happy or Sad

Happy ones make us enjoy life, be happy. 

But can you overlook the sad moments of your past and look at them in a way as to how they changed your perspective, your life and how they can guide you further.

If you are thinking that me speaking all this makes me a too great human being, then you are wrong again.

Life treats everyone in the same way. How you take it, is all that matters.

Pursue what you believe is right, endlessly. 

If you think killing the next person or even yourself, would solve all the problems of this world, do that then. It’s not like I can stop you.

 You are the sole player in your life. You may either work towards a goal or different goals or you may just sit still. 

The choice is yours.

Do you have the guts to follow a life path, return back and follow another? Then, there’s nothing to worry. You will get the best. Mark my words.

Thank you for keeping up with me to this point. If I helped you in any way or if you think that I have a point. Leave a comment below.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this and would love if some of you can share your life story.

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