How to ignore little things that hurt you from close people?

Who exactly are the close people-

Someone who you love or someone from whom you have some expectations.

It’s not like that only close people hurt you, what’s the society out there for?

Right now, your parents are giving you the best in the world. Even if you think that this is not true, do think it is true, coz I’m telling you that.

Who am I?

Your well-wisher🙋‍♂️.

Well, you are here to read my thoughts and experiences. So, have a little faith in me.

Your parents are not looking for anything in return and even if you want to pay back all those years of priceless love, you can’t.

A parent’s love for his/her child is something that has no bounds, no strings attached and just give, give and give, until the moment they die.

If you ever watched the Bollywood movie- BAGHBAN, then you would know what I am trying to say here.

Yes, everyone has expectations, but it’s not like they are asking you for something specific apart from love. And that too, just a little bit of it.

Yes, I am using “die” in here, but know that there is no such thing as that. If the soul lives on, what is there to fear?

We just love our physical body or of anyone else more than anything.

If you can’t learn to understand what is present in the heart of a person, you really can’t understand life at all.

A person appearing to be the most mischievous, the baddest of all, may not really be who you are thinking her/him to be.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Any more than a certain level and you are bound to be treated as evil. Or maybe you are evil.

When I see people in the news making all those lewd comments on women or men or animals for that matter, I don’t get angry at them.

I just feel sad that even though they have already spent so many years of their life, they haven’t learnt anything at all.

Do note that if someone is misbehaving/badmouthing you or someone else in real life or social media even, don’t ever fear taking a stand.

It’s not like I’m telling you to kill that person😈.

You can do that too, but I won’t go to jail with you for this🙏.

Well, God gave us a mouth, so, it is bound to be used for the better or for the worse.

Just like there are many followers of Gandhi, there are opposers too.

You can’t be loved by all of them.

I wasn’t present in the timeline in which he lived, so, me commenting on- He was a really great person, a Mahatama doesn’t make any sense to me.

Even though you read a few books on him, you truly can’t get a clear picture of him.

So, you need to look at all the perspectives and try to have a neutral mindset.

Let’s take an example of the tradition of arranged marriages in India.

Two completely unknown people (or did you already know each other and fooled your parents into thinking so😏) are bound together by fate (or by just their parents) in a bond stronger than anything else.

Yes, Feviquick is even paler in comparison to that😥.

So now, a lot of scenarios may take place.

I’m listing only three😓.

I wouldn’t want to get into this topic any more, mainly because I am really not the right person for this, as in I have not been married or living a married life right now.

  • Both of you, or any of you, didn’t try to take any interest in the other or you are not able to reach an understanding, this leads to a grim marriage. A sudden spark somewhere in life can lead to a happy life for someone or for quite long, but it can lead to divorce too.
  • You two have a lot of patience. So, every day is like understanding the other person more and more, on a deeper level. It doesn’t matter whether the other person is good looking or not, you are just trying to connect your hearts on an emotional level.

FYI…If you are trying to connect them physically, as in removing the two and connecting them or attaching a medium in between, I don’t know what would happen🙏.

Just look at all the good in them and overlook all the bad. And finally, you reach a point where you can’t live without each other.

Now there are some external factors too. So, any misunderstanding can lead to a fire or a cold breeze.

Extreme patience is what is required in here, the patience to wait, the patience to overlook certain things, the patience to understand and so on…

  • You were already in love or got in love as early as it happens. You are living your life peacefully. Maybe you got all that good karma built up from your past lives and current too.

Then you are living each day as heaven. Or that’s what you believe or try to believe.

The best examples to understand the scenarios can only be of your close ones like in parents, cousins, relatives, friends or you yourself. Don’t say that you believe in all that Page 3 stuff.

Moving Forward...

Comprise is a part of life.

If you don’t learn to live with that, you are bound to be star-crossed.

If you are not star-crossed, even then, so what.

I am not a perfect human being.

It’s not like whatever I speak, turn credible.

So, have an open mind and decide for yourself.

A person next to you or somewhere else, even an AI bot can only guide you. Whether this guidance, takes you down the right path or the wrong path, that is something you have to decide for yourself.

You can’t always put the blame on someone else.

You can always blame GOD. He/She doesn’t feel bad.

OK…So, I would be using “IT” instead of an unknown gender to specify GOD. People say and some have proved too, that you can reincarnate as a man or a woman or an animal.

What this basically means is that the soul doesn’t have any gender.

IT doesn’t have a physical body to express emotions, either.

IT expresses emotions by way of its actions.

To a more serious note...

Whenever your friend, lover or anyone close rubs you the wrong way, you may feel that they are the baddest of all, the devils in human boots or slippers or whatever…

Have they ever done anything good for you?

Try to remember it at that point in time.

If you can’t, have a bar of chocolate handy.

Even if that is not possible, hit your head on the wall.

I used to do it a lot when I was some 4–5 years old, and it really helped a lot to subside the feeling. Though the after-effects are not at all good, I mislocated a screw in my head and turned into a mess.

Someone will even say to drink water at that time, but that doesn’t help. At least for me.

A total killing decision can be — to not be affected by what anyone says or does.

You live your life like a machine.

You have only one word on your tongue- “OK”.

For example-

Someone asks you, “Would you like to go for dinner?”

You reply, “Ok!”

“Can you do this thing?”


“Can you just die?”


Don’t ever be like this.

I do this when someone asks me to eat outside or try something new.

Because I am a foodie and would love to do that. So, I can’t say NO to that. Just go anywhere. The location doesn’t matter😋.

There are people out there with missing body parts, but at least GOD has made you complete, wherever IT put you in is secondary.

It’s not like money can grow your limbs.

It may be possible somewhere in the future.

But we are living in the present and keep in mind all the good things that happened and the bad ones which made us progress in life.

Life’s not easy for anyone and everyone has certain expectations and priorities.

If you yourself can’t please yourself, how can anyone else do the same.

Aren’t their times when you feel really bad about your inability to get a certain job done?

You keep delaying your tasks until you reach a point of no return.

The body-clock of each person is different. So, if you are going through a happy phase now, the next person may be going through a bad phase in life. So, getting hurt or feeling bad by a close someone’s remark shouldn’t make you feel bad all of a sudden.

A little sad doesn’t hurt anyone.

There’s also this Astrology field to look into. I spent close to 3 months learning Vedic Astrology after my first job, to find out what I should really do to feel at life? What profession or activity should I undertake and all that stuff? It turns out that my Astro profile is playing games with me, telling me to pursue whatever I wish for. And I was like, “Good going man! What a response! This is what I was expecting! Really!!!”.

“So! I want to be BATMAN. NOW, WHAT!!”

I couldn’t go in too deep as the topic is really complex and confusing. If you ever need to discuss something on that front, you know where to find me.

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