My author journey!

Hello friends! Before going through all that text below, kindly note that whatever I have written is 100% true and not made up. I would never want to lie on something as this.

This is one such topic wherein anyone can write books after books and no-one is reading them, until someone else finds you worth their time and writes about you.

My author’s journey won’t be complete unless you know about me.

To begin with, I have always been a fan of watching horror serials and movies, even though I knew I would get goosebumps for the next few days. And then, while I went to sleep, I would get these really random ghost dreams. Having a bad dream turned like something normal for me, like waking up in the middle of the night and calling my mother for help OR sometimes even seeing your family members turned into ghosts while in a dream and later while in the real world, for the next few days maintaining your distance from them and keeping an eye on them for any unexpected behavior. (This is copyrighted material for my next (when it happens) horror book, so don’t try stealing the idea which I lived through😆).

So, It all started somewhere while I was in 4th Class. I got this urge to write out my dreams. This wasn’t possible with the weekday dreams as waking up at 5am with no time to spare before the bus comes, hardly left any margin to write and I would soon forget it too. Saturday nights were the major turning point and I would write it out (whatever i would remember faintly of the dream) when i would wake up on the next morning and then imagine something from my side to complete the missing links, together with drawings.( Do note that I had been exceptionally good at drawing, with a few number of accolades lying at some corner of my home, but after 12th I just lost all interest in it after that and i don’t do it anymore😣). There were a lot many weeks too, wherein I wouldn’t remember anything or wherein I couldn’t write due to other things at hand.

Only one-fourth of my life has passed, if I consider I am going to live till 100 years and I would only want this if the people I love, live more than me.

I can’t write the whole thing without living through all of it yet, but I would try my level best to through some insight on that.

By the way I don’t like the ME topic too much because I am more interested in knowing the person next to me but my shyness and inability to start a conversation comes in between. It’s not that I don’t know what to talk, I am just not able to speak up. Some people may think of this as an arrogant or egoistic behavior of me, but that is not true and never have been. Don’t know if I am right or wrong in this, but most of the times arrogance and ego come into play when someone gets things in life easily. It is then that you don’t know it’s worth. (For eg. When a child asks for a toy and it’s parents give it to him/her at once without putting in a second thought and so on…). Sometimes your genes may be the reason too. I wouldn’t want to go into the psychology thing any further on this, though I fancy it a lot. Though if someone is up to suggest it, I would love to make a post on it too.

I am on a path to minimize my shyness & inability to talk and have been doing so bit-by-bit since the second half of my school years. I remember many cases wherein my shyness made me feel a little odd, but I won’t discuss them in here. Let’s start and finish with this soon.

Shyness for me was not able to talk to the teacher, ask your doubts, to put forward your views and express yourself. But there’s always someone who you feel a connection with and also a few good souls in your class who flock to your like angels and complete your missing link. (so, in a class of 40 I would have somewhere around 7-10 friends).

School almost summed up when I reached 11th class. I got a laptop fitted with a gaming card for educational purpose😈.( Though I already had a PC at Class IV😇 with Windows 95,98 and then upgraded to 2000 stuff😅). But in the end, all it was used up was for playing that latest game in the market. Spending money to purchase original titles was too costly and I would always reach the Pallika Bazaar, New Delhi with my friends and we would get around 10-11 Game Dvd’s at once and share them in between us. Yes, I became a part of the piracy network and I am not afraid to talk about it. Do note that for a 90’s kid, Torrent was not a known thing considering the only internet provider to be BSNL and with speed as high as 10-30 kbps. It would have taken eons to just download a small file.

I always wanted to be an engineer looking up to my Father but 11th was spent in attending coaching classes and playing games apart from school. I have always been good at grasping things (I never realized it until my friends told me so). Do note that from 4 to 12th, I had never been in the top 3 of my class. You can’t like all the subjects. I passed 11th class with good grades at school (Mainly because most of the students were busy getting into the love thing and I was miles apart from my crush(6th class), never wanting it to be someone else apart from her) .

It was like-  In the land of the blind, one-eyed man is the king 😂.

Adding to this, I was performing utterly bad in the JEE coaching mock tests. Well, I was just attending classes without reflecting or trying out the handout manuals. So, it was expected.

12th came by and by the month of August, I felt in my mind “something is really going wrong. I need to buckle up or else I am going to fall miserably in my dream of cracking the JEE exam. I put in the extra effort but a lot of time had already passed. Later, I secured less than 90% in my 12th but got a rank of 2584 in JEE 2011. Judging from past results, I knew my dream to get the Mechanical branch from IIT Delhi was long gone. I could get it in one or two of the old IITs and all the newer ones, but I wouldn’t want to. Don’t know why but IIT-D always appeased me. Maybe because it was a 2hr drive from my home or the premier IIT college tag or something else. So, I finally went ahead with whatever branch I could get in here. It was Textile Engineering for me. I was not the only one. Most of the delhilites did that too.

So, the 1st year 2nd semester of college was destroyed by my crush (by her “NO but let’s remain friends”) and then from the 2nd year onwards, I got into this extra-curricular stuff and PORs that the feelings already got sidelined and I forgot her. Well, the real forgetting took a few more months. By this time I had already made a lot of friends. Two girls from my branch eyed me too (I was okay looking, but I was still good at grasping things and always helping out the people near me (This is true, I am not making it up) so, maybe due to that).

Girls at IITs are like Queens with even faculties giving them extra marks and Boys be like why are you even here. Be the dust you are meant to be.

Many months passed and it was finally the 4th year and the month of December (Placement Season). I had built up an okay CV and experienced some change in that month, like I could talk with anybody and express myself (Maybe my good deeds came into play like teaching a subject to some of my friends who had a back in that and later realizing I didn’t study for tomorrow’s exam and just passing it with a ‘D’😶). Even my close friends at my hostel would comment on that- what exactly happened to you. How is it that you are suddenly a chatterbox instead of your quieter usual self). I don’t know what it was at that time, but it really helped me ace with an on-campus job offer by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle (the one with brands Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, etc. If you don’t know about it. It’s heaven for textile grads if you’re are looking to go into the core sector) on Day 3 (Day 1 and 2 was mostly reserved for CS and Electrical grads and Day 3 was considered something on top). With less than 10% of your classed placed by then, it felt like a huge achievement.

Writing at college never happened and i was only into games, novels, animes and all the latest movies coming up, be it Bollywood or Hollywood That’s why some of my college friends still think it’s too surprising about me turning into an author.

What exactly happened…

Let’s just say my 1st job turned into a disaster soon with me being the only one out there from my college and from an engineering background per se while the rest were either from NIFT’s or MBA’s. It was like I couldn’t connect with them completely. Even though I made some really good NIFTie friends, but still something was not right with me. The induction training period ended in Bangalore and we were soon sent to various places across India, with me and two others getting ended up in Pune.

Pune is a lovely city. There are many reasons for that, like my best friend working at Infosys there, the food, quietness, no language barriers and all that stuff.

My bestie would behave like a mother to me, picking me up on his bike from some 10kms away and taking me to his home wherein he was putting up with 4 other people, all of them really good and friendly and later dropping me back. In the meantime, making me enjoy all the good food there and helping me enjoy the city too. After a week at the company guest house, I finally shifted to his place. So, everything apart from the job was fun. Without thinking much of the consequences and talking to my college peers, I went ahead with my decision to leave the company (I had got 2-3 interview offers at a higher package in Gurgaon, so this added to that too.)

Once back at home. I got into this really lazy self that I didn’t pick up any calls from the interviewers or from my friends too. I was just feeling depressed. As the days were passing by and me applying for jobs, I couldn’t find one with the right package or the right job profile. So, I took whatever I could get and then later, leaving it soon too, maybe due to continued bad health or no connection with the job profile. It was like I was learning life lessons the hard way. With relatives commenting, “Why is he still at home being an IITian. Go out and do a full time job”. My parents were getting tense too.

Way back, my sister had written some 9-10 pages of a story and reading it on some lonely night, an idea sparked in me. Why don’t we complete the story? There’s nothing to lose.
Until this time, Never in my wildest dream did I ever thought to write a book. We were pooling in ideas from both sides and we don’t know when the days went by. Partially because we were enjoying it. It was all about the life we spent, our friends and the college. (Do note that she is a major writer here and I am somewhat of a sidekick. If not, then I would have already got the book of my dreams out by now😅). Yes, it took a lot of time to get it done. It was our first book. Writing was one part of it which took somewhere around a year or so, but the next part of getting it out was really tough, mainly because we didn’t have someone in your family or friends pursuing that and also because it was all new.

It was time for my technical and marketing skills to come to play. We were making new connections along the way too. A few months later, the book was out. About the how, you can read it here.

After getting a contract from Fingerprint, I finally felt like I could move ahead with a full time job and I took one too, which I am currently employed at. This was the first, wherein I finally learned to remain in an organization for more than 3 months. On that note, 20 months have already passed on this job. It’s not appealing to me and I have planned to leave it this year, to pursue my life goals. But I have learnt a lot and progressed in life further.

With the launch of Can’t Help Falling in Love, the next part in the story of Right from the Start…She stole his Heart.The story is almost at its end and we are not looking to take it forward, any more. For that you need to give it all your love😢. You can do that here by posting your reviews on Goodreads or Amazon.

All I am planning to focus on now is getting this blog running, bring a paperback of Can’t Help Falling in Love out soon, learn to lose my shyness more & not to be afraid of the camera (so, I can make some videos too and not just plain old selfies😵) and to finally start working on that book of mine✍️.

I would have loved to write more on this and there are a lot many things I left behind. If you stayed with me till now, you must already be tired in this cold winter and looking to get that extra cup of coffee.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I hope that in the coming days, I can read about yours too😍.

If you have any comments/suggestions to make or if you think that you would like to stay connected with, me even though knowing that I am not someone great or mini-celebrity material, do drop one below.

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